About San Dan Yi

San Dan Yi’s conscious spiritual awakening started when he was introduced to the teachings of  Torkum Saraydarian.  In 1995, he attended  Torkum’s Sedona, Arizona ashram named, “The Aquarian Educational Group.”  It was here that San Dan Yi first discovered a greater meaning to his life.  Through  Torkum’s literary body of work, he realized the purpose of life was to strive for contact with the soul’s guidance and destiny.  Through meditation, moment-to-moment conscious awareness and the practice of taking vows of silence, San Dan Yi came to realize that the ultimate journey for humankind is to achieve self-realization. Part of this realization is the need to serve and help one another through kindness, compassion, and love.

San Dan Yi is a great believer in the working legacy of the late Paramahansa Yogananda.  After reading  Yogananda’s “Divine Romance,” San Dan Yi found a greater joy and bliss through the deeper understanding and connection with source.  No longer seeking outer world fulfillment, San Dan Yi realized his life’s purpose is to show people how their desirous and ego-based realities keep them prisoners in a smaller existence, which resides in a larger, and sometimes undiscovered universe.

Today, San Dan Yi travels worldwide, offering individual and group counseling and private retreats. He speaks on such topics as: abundance consciousness, life path fulfillment and teaches meditation and visualization techniques, which promote a more dynamic life experience.

San Dan Yi has done sessions on Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue and many Hollywood Celebrities and Corporate executives.

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